Aerobika® OPEP Therapy

Please review the following video on How to Use the Aerobika:



The Aerobika® device is clinically supported1,2 to:

  • Open the smaller airways
  • Improve mucus clearance
  • Decrease cough frequency
  • Reduce breathlessness
  • Improve exercise tolerance
  • Improve quality of life


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Use Active Exhalation

Active exhalation can best be described as the type of effort required to start blowing up a balloon – but is not as forceful as blowing out candles.  Keep your cheeks flat as you exhale.


Try a ‘Huff Cough’

A ‘huff cough’ will help move mucus up and out of your lungs.  Take a breath that is slightly deeper than normal. Use your stomach muscles to make a series of 3 rapid exhalations with the airway open, making a “ha, ha, ha” sound. Follow this by normal breathing and a deep cough if you feel mucus moving.


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