AeroEclipse® Breath Actuated Nebulizer


The AeroEclipse® Breath Actuated Nebulizer is a significant advancement in small volume nebulizers because it only creates aerosol in response to inhalation.  As you inhale, only then does the medication become aerosolized, resulting in medication not being wasted between breaths or if you need to take a break. You are in control of your aerosol treatment.


How does Breath Actuation Differ from 'Continuous' Nebulization?

This short video explains the difference the AeroEclipse® BAN can make in your aerosol treatments.

Use of the AeroEclipse® Nebulizer with the Aerobika® Device

Your Aerobika® device treatments may also be combined with small volume nebulizer therapy.  When used with the AeroEclipse® BAN, patients receive the added benefit of having a nebulizer which creates aerosol only on inhalation.  This ensures no aerosol is lost during the exhalation needed while using the Aerobika® device.  This combined treatment has been shown to have aerosol delivery substantially equivalent to using the nebulizer alone.

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